About Crisis Tools

Unique, co-produced learning guides to increase knowledge and confidence for anyone supporting young people in a mental health crisis.

Crisis Tools is relevant to anyone who may find themselves supporting a young person in crisis including parents, carers and professionals. The Crisis Tools website features a resource sharing hub and bite-sized learning guides aimed at improving your knowledge and understanding of young people’s experiences when getting help in crisis. Co-designed and delivered by young people with lived experience, these unique learning guides will cover key themes including attitudes, communication, practical strategies and complexities when delivering care remotely.

Crisis Tools is relevant for anyone who may find themselves supporting a young person in crisis. It is complementary to, but not a replacement for clinical training. This unique program is designed to amplify the voices of young people, allowing you to:

  • Understand the situation from young peoples’ perspectives, hearing what really helps, and what doesn’t in their own words
  • Prepare for and manage key conversations with young people in crisis
  • Provide more effective and personalised support
  • Share and learn from your peers using the online resource hub

How we made this tool

We created Crisis Tools to help others support us when we are in crisis.  The content on this site was created using our own lived experience, and consulting with other young people and mental health professionals. Many young people report negative experiences when reaching out in a mental health crisis, this really impacts out mental health and trust in services. We know that you are trying your best to support us, and that by sharing our experiences we can improve things for everyone.

Who are we?

We are Young Advisors employed by People Unlimited, the social enterprise who leads the co-production process behind Crisis Tools. We are all aged between 18-25, with lived experience using mental health services.

How did we create these resources?

We consulted with young people and mental health professionals from across England, looking at where the main issues were for both groups. Using the information from these consultations, we created the learning guides that you find here on this site.